Beach House Up and Down

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Talo, Useita sänkyjä (Beach House Up and Down) | Huone | 6 makuuhuonetta, silitysrauta/-lauta, ilmainen Wi-Fi
Talo, Useita sänkyjä (Beach House Up and Down) | Uima-allas | Ulkouima-allas
Talo, Useita sänkyjä (Beach House Up and Down) | Parveke
Talo, Useita sänkyjä (Beach House Up and Down) | Parveke
Talo, Useita sänkyjä (Beach House Up and Down) | Olohuone | Televisio

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Beach House Up and Down

3.5 tähden majoituspaikka
3,5 tähden lomakoti, jossa käytössäsi on keittiö

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  • Ilmainen pysäköinti
  • Uima-allas
  • Pyykinpesutilat
8 6th Place, Tybee Island, GA, 31328
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  • Ulkouima-allas
  • Ulkotenniskenttä
  • Ilmastointi
  • Itsepalvelupesula
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  • 6 makuuhuonetta
  • Keittiö
  • Erillinen ruokailualue
  • Televisio
  • Pyykinpesutilat
  • Ilmainen omatoiminen pysäköinti

Tilan tiedot

6 makuuhuonetta, 5 kylpyhuonetta
1 m²
    4 suurta parisänkyä ja 2 keskisuurta parisänkyä

Valitse päivät nähdäksesi hinnat



  • Tybee Island Beach – 1 min ajomatka


  • Savannah - Hilton Headin kansainvälinen lentokenttä (SAV) – 42 min ajomatka
  • Hilton Head Island, Etelä-Carolina (HHH) – 81 min ajomatka
  • Savannah Amtrakin asema – 30 min ajomatka

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Beach House Up and Down

Southern Belle Vacation Rentals in Savannah, GA, and Tybee Island, GA provides first-class amenities including access to our exclusive resort-style heated pool located at 19 Silver Avenue, Tybee Island GA. All of our homes are professionally cleaned after each stay, and disinfected using a quaternary disinfectant throughout the entire property prior to each new arrival.

Experience the Tybee Island of Stars at Beach House Up & Down

Nestled along the Georgia coastline, Tybee Island is the secret vacation destination beloved by anyone who strolls along its warm sandy beaches. Unlike other beach hotspots, Tybee offers a true oasis of tranquility and comfort. As a barrier island, this unique area is home to a variety of wildlife species and breathtaking vistas. It's no wonder Tybee Island has a rich history as a popular vacation spot since the 1800s.

Even in the 21st Century, Tybee Island and Savannah, GA., continue to serve residents and visitors. As a major port for world trading, this region still serves as a beacon of prosperity and luxury. From its pristine beaches to the eclectic adventures of downtown Savannah, it's no surprise that over one million visitors flock to the area every year.

Tybee Island Vacation Homes - The Best Way to Stay

Tybee vacation rentals aren't only desirable, but these cozy rental homes are the most common. In fact, over 52% of vacationers decide to stay in one of the many vacation rentals Tybee Island GA. While there are ample hotels sprinkled throughout the region, the essence of Tybee is comfortable elegance. When it comes to experiencing the very best of this island getaway, the best choice isn't a traditional hotel room.

When searching for perfect Tybee Island vacation homes, it's important to select a rental that puts you in the center of it all. Whether you wish to explore the scenic beauty of the island or dive into the vibrant nightlife of Savannah, few Tybee vacation rentals deliver the best of both worlds like Beach House Up and Down.

Beach House Up and Down - Luxury Without Ego

Designed to reflect the casual sophistication of this region, Beach house Up and Down offers the perfect backdrop for a perfect vacation. Also rented as two separate rental units, Southern Belle has merged both units to create a large vacation home. From its multiple covered porches to tropical design, get ready to experience the very best in Tybee Island vacation homes.

Boasting a total of 3,448 square feet, Beach House Up and Down hosts up to 16 guests in its six bedrooms. This masterfully renovated vacation home combines all the amenities of home with the enhanced luxuries of renowned hotels. Whether traveling with friends or family, every inch of Beach House Up and Down is designed to evoke relaxation, rejuvenation and fun.

Fun in the Sun and Shade - Amenities

Unlike many other vacation rentals Tybee Island GA, Beach House Up and Down features a myriad of rare amenities. Designed in traditional stilt house style, this vacation home offers three levels of living and storage space. The first level primarily serves as covered parking for two vehicles, as well as offering storage space and an area with a ping pong table.

After parking your car, an elevator takes you to the upper two living areas. Of course, you can also take the center staircase or the side stairs, which take you to the second floor. Upon entering this massive vacation home, you're immediately surrounded by plush interiors and five-star amenities.

With two living rooms, Beach House Up and Down offers ample space to relax, watch your favorite movie or enjoy a morning cup of coffee with your loved ones. While many Tybee Island vacation homes offer some sort of entertainment, this rental comes equipped with a ping pong table to add a dash of fun to your evenings.

Whether you're enjoying the night in the screened porch or basking in the beautiful view on the third floor lounging balcony, Beach House Up and Down is designed to keep guests comfortable and entertained. From cooking out on the outdoor grill to preparing your favorite homemade meal in one of the two kitchens, few Tybee vacation rentals offer such an inviting and superior space.

Sleep in the Sea of Sophistication - Bedrooms

If you're traveling with a large group, the last thing you need are insufficient sleeping areas. While many vacation rentals Tybee Island GA claim to sleep multiple guests, Beach House Up and Down comfortably sleeps each and every guest. Spread out over two floors, each of the six bedrooms comes equipped with king or queen beds, dressers and luxurious furnishings.

After waking from a rejuvenating sleep, there are a total of four full bathrooms and two half bathrooms ready to help you prepare, or unwind, for the day. Don't worry about bringing bath towels, linens or other essential accessories. Like all other masterful Tybee vacation rentals, this property comes with everything needed for a comfortable stay.

Vacation in Style - Book Your Stay Today

Located less than one block from the ocean, Beach House Up and Down delivers immediate access to some of the greatest beaches along the eastern shoreline. If you can pull yourself away from the tranquil sands of this area, you're only several minutes away from the very best of Tybee Island.

Drive north along U.S. 80 for several minutes to explore the rich cultural history of this region, which includes the fame lighthouse and the infamous Fort Screven. If you continue driving north, you'll soon be in the center of downtown Savannah. In less than 30 minutes, enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors of the larges historic downtown in America. There aren't many vacation rentals Tybee Island GA capable of offering such intimate access to both oceanside beauty and downtown excitement.

Whether you're visiting to attend one of the many festivals that happen throughout the year, holding a family reunion or simply wish to experience the relaxation of an island vacation, Beach House Up and Down offers everything needed for a memorable time. Remember to plan in advance as this rental property is a popular choice throughout the year. If you're hunting for a vacation that you'll never forget, stop the search and book your stay today!

Southern Belle Pool

Our guests have access to our beautiful, heated pool that is located on Tybee Island. For our Savannah properties it is a scenic 25-minute drive through Wilmington and Whitmarsh Island, taking you over the Savannah River Delta onto Tybee Island.

Guests with Pets

If would like to bring along your dog(s) during your stay, we do have some pet-friendly properties allowing up to 2 dogs and the total weight cannot exceed 50lbs for a pet fee of $130. This notice is not an indication the home you are currently viewing is pet-friendly.

Long-Term Stays
For our long-term stays, 30 days or more, we require a deposit and our office will reach out to you for details. For 60 days or more long-term stays, we require an additional clean.

The Pool is open during the below dates and times.
March 1 - Oct 31, Open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm
November 1 - February 28, Open Friday and Saturday from 10am-5pm

Additional Pool Hours available during the off-season are listed below.
If these dates fall in the middle of the week, the pool will be open as listed below and every Friday and Saturday.
⁃Day Before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day and the Day after Thanksgiving
⁃Day Before Christmas, Christmas Day and The Day After Christmas
⁃Day Before New Years, New Years Day, and the Day after New Years
⁃Day Before MLK Day, MLK Day and the Day After MLK Day



  • Sisäänkirjautuminen kello 16.00–12.00
  • Sisäänkirjautumisen vähimmäisikä on 25 vuotta
  • Uloskirjautuminen kello 10.00

Matkaasi liittyvät rajoitukset

  • Tarkista COVID-19-rajoitukset

Erikoisohjeet sisäänkirjautumiseen:

  • Asiakkaiden tulee ottaa yhteyttä majoituspaikkaan saadakseen sisäänkirjautumisohjeet
  • Ota majoituspaikkaan yhteyttä käyttäen varausvahvistuksessa olevia tietoja vähintään 24 tuntia ennen saapumista järjestääksesi sisäänkirjautumisen

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  • Luottokortti, pankkikortti tai käteistakuumaksu vaaditaan satunnaisten kulujen varalta
  • Virallinen kuvallinen henkilöllisyystodistus saatetaan vaatia
  • Sisäänkirjautumisen alaikäraja on 25

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  • Ulkouima-allas


  • Ilmainen Wi-Fi

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  • 6 makuuhuonetta


  • 5 kylpyhuonetta
  • Hiustenkuivaaja


  • Ruokasali


  • Televisio


  • Pyykinpesutilat

Ilmastointi ja lämmitys

  • Ilmastointi


  • Jos haluat pyytää tiettyjä esteettömyysominaisuuksia, ilmoita niistä majoituspaikkaan käyttäen varauksen tekemisen jälkeen saamassasi varausvahvistuksessa olevia tietoja.
  • Pääsy pyörätuolilla

Palvelut ja mukavuudet

  • Silitysrauta-/lauta


  • Golfkentän vieressä


  • Ulkotenniskenttiä

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  • Yksikön koko: 1 m2

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Usein kysytyt kysymykset

Onko majoituspaikassa tämä loma-asunto uima-allas?
Kyllä, täällä on ulkouima-allas.
Tarjoaako tämä loma-asunto pysäköintipaikkoja paikan päällä?
Kyllä, paikan päällä on tarjolla ilmainen omatoiminen pysäköinti.
Mitkä ovat majoituspaikan tämä loma-asunto sisään- ja uloskirjautumisajat?
Voit kirjautua sisään kello 16.00–12.00. Uloskirjautumisaika on kello 10.00.
Mitä tekemistä Beach House Up and Down ja sen lähiympäristö tarjoavat?
Harjoittele lyöntejäsi tenniskentillä. Beach House Up and Down tarjoaa asiakkaiden käyttöön myös ulkouima-altaan.
Tarjoaako tämä loma-asunto ravintolapalveluita tai onko sen lähiseudulla ravintoloita?
Kyllä. Läheisiin ravintoloihin kuuluvat Sea Weeds Ice Cream Parlor (10 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä), Sundae Cafe (12 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä) ja Pizza on Wheels (13 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä).
Löytyykö majoituspaikasta Beach House Up and Down keittiö tai keittonurkkaus?
Kyllä, majoituspaikasta löytyy keittiö, johon sisältyvät myös ruoanlaittovälineet, jääkaappi ja mikroaaltouuni.
Millaisella alueella Beach House Up and Down sijaitsee?
Beach House Up and Down sijaitsee vain 4 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä kohteesta Tybee Island Beach ja 3 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä kohteesta Mid Beach.

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