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Kaikki kohteen Kingston, Saint Catherine, Jamaika majoitusliikkeet
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New Kingston C A Guest Apartments I

3,5 tähteä3,5 tähteä
Apt 612 Kensington Crescent, New Kingston, Kingston, Jamaika
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2,0HuonoTulopäivä helmik. 7, 2019
It's a big scam to me.they won't answer when you call and also the address is nowhere to be found.they read your text in whatsapp but ignore. Scam scam scam
3 yön liikematka
Aitoja Expediain asiakkaiden arvosteluja
10,0PoikkeuksellinenTulopäivä huhtik. 29, 2018
Close to carnival route
I booked as a part of a group of 4 for carnival and have a great stay. Highly recommended. Big up to Kevin and Mark
Mase1 yön matka
Aitoja Expediain asiakkaiden arvosteluja
Hotellin vastaus, -Management
Thanks a million for the review. See you next carnival
6,0HyväTulopäivä helmik. 17, 2018
Need additional expensive cost...
The room and staff are good, but it was needed additional expensive cost after online payment. It looks terrible system...
2 yön matka
Aitoja Expediain asiakkaiden arvosteluja
Hotellin vastaus, Management
Thanks for the review. All cost are disclosed at the time of booking. We are very cost efficient and cost a fraction of most hotels in the area.
4,0KohtuullinenTulopäivä helmik. 5, 2018
Less than Avaragr
AC was not in Good condition Room furniture was Old and tired Bath room and shower was ok No Brakefast was offered
Alexander4 yön matka
Aitoja Expediain asiakkaiden arvosteluja
Hotellin vastaus, Management
I will stick to the facts. Guest arrived at 4am to the property and expected to be checked in at no additional cost. I think it is common knowledge to most traveler that if you book for Jan 1st you are expected to arrive in the afternoon on Jan 1st and not 4am on Jan 1st. We could not meet that expectation without additional cost and the guest refused to book a prorated day. He came back at normal check in time and check-in there were slue of inspections and faults. We addressed 14 items for this guest including switching the bulbs from softwhite to daylight bulbs because it bothered his eyes. We are human and we all know what happens when some folks do not have their way. In retrospect we should have accepted the financial lost and please the guest by allowing him to check-in at 4am to avoid this negative review which my end up being more costly, lesson learned. - AC is 21 months old (guest did not say we had none or it is not working. I am not sure what metric was used to judge the condition). - The furniture was old and tired (again what metric was used to judge). - Bathroom and shower (seem we score a pass mark) - Breakfast (this is a self-catering apartment with a full kitchen. If the guest booked a promo with breakfast, we would make sure to honor it. This was not the case) For a better depiction of the property, please read the reviews before and after this one.
8,0Erittäin hyväTulopäivä tammik. 17, 2018
Nice comfortable space.
My stay was pleasant nice quiet environment . Once you like to walk a 15 min walk to the main is just cool . The neighborhood is safe , The grounds well kept beautiful garden . The pool needs to be updated was not enticing to me, was unable to enjoy the beautiful garden area no seating needed a bench .
Lovee5 yön matka
Aitoja Expediain asiakkaiden arvosteluja
Hotellin vastaus, Management
Thanks for the review.
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