906 W. Abigail 4 Bedroom Home by Redawning

Majoituspaikan 906 W. Abigail 4 Bedroom Home by Redawning kuvagalleria

Talo, 4 makuuhuonetta | Uima-allas | Lämmitetty uima-allas
Talo, 4 makuuhuonetta | Uima-allas | Lämmitetty uima-allas
Talo, 4 makuuhuonetta | Uima-allas | Lämmitetty uima-allas
Talo, 4 makuuhuonetta | Parveke

Majoituspaikan 906 W. Abigail 4 Bedroom Home by Redawning yleiskuvaus

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906 W. Abigail 4 Bedroom Home by Redawning

3.5 tähden majoituspaikka
3,5 tähden lomakoti, jossa käytössäsi on takka ja keittiö

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  • Uima-allas
  • Ilmainen Wi-Fi
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  • Savuton
906 W Abigail Drive, Kamas, UT, 84036
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  • Kuntosali
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  • Elintarvikemyymälä
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  • Lapset majoittuvat ilmaiseksi
  • 4 makuuhuonetta
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Tilan tiedot

4 makuuhuonetta, 3 kylpyhuonetta
250 m²
Makuuhuone 1
    1 suuri parisänky
Makuuhuone 2
    1 keskisuuri parisänky
Makuuhuone 3
    1 parisänky ja 1 yhden hengen sänky
Makuuhuone 4
    1 suuri parisänky
Olohuone 1
    1 vuodesohva (125–150 cm leveä)

Valitse päivät nähdäksesi hinnat



  • Park City Mountain Resort – 15 min ajomatka
  • Deer Valley Resort – 8 min ajomatka
  • Main Street – 17 min ajomatka
  • Canyons Resort – 14 min ajomatka


  • Salt Lake Cityn kansainvälinen lentokenttä (SLC) – 42 min ajomatka

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906 W. Abigail 4 Bedroom Home by Redawning

4 BR 3 Full 1 Half Bath Townhome - sleeps up to 11

906 W Abigail - a Park City Property

Professionally Managed by Park City

Vacation Rentals is proud to offer the perfect vacation home for your
next trip to Utah, a beautiful 4 bedroom townhouse, with central
heating/air conditioning. 2 living rooms provide plenty of space for
the whole family. Less than 10 minutes to Park City, Deer Valley, and
The Canyons. Easy access also to Snowbird, Alta, and other area
resorts. This completely upgraded unit has 2 living areas, a luxurious
master bedroom, and great views from all windows in a quiet setting.

This professionally managed home features several beautiful details
that will leave you feeling like you have found your
home-away-from-home. The open floor plan leaves plenty of space for a
large group or family to spend quality time with each other. Enjoy
granite countertops in the kitchen, drip coffee maker, modern and
comfortable furnishings throughout the home, and stunning views. From
the deck, take in sweeping mountainous views and utilize the private
BBQ grill. The private hot tub provides serene relaxation. There is
also a communal swimming pool in the quiet, family-friendly
neighborhood. (Pool is only open during the Summer Season)

Visiting during the summer? There is easy access to several hiking
trails, mountain biking, and water activities at the Jordanelle
This is the perfect retreat for your family to enjoy beautiful Park
City together in! Book today!

Free WiFi
Download: 42 Mbps
Upload: 5 Mbps

All guests renting this property must abide by the following rules set
forth by the HOA. Any fines assessed to the owner or property manager
that are incurred from guests not abiding by these rules will be
charged to the guest.
Thank you for your cooperation.

This rental unit will accommodate a maximum number of 1 vehicles in
the garage and 2 driveway and Unit Occupants are not allowed to park
on the streets at any time. No recreational vehicles, including, but
not limited to, trailers, RVs, boats, fifth-wheels, or four-wheelers
may be parked on any street or driveway within the Subdivision for a
period of more than 2 hours for loading and unloading.

Rules and Regulations:
NUISANCE 6.1. No one shall create, maintain, or allow to continue a
nuisance in, on, or about the Subdivision. A nuisance includes, but is
not limited to: 6.1.1. Any unclean, unhealthy, unsanitary, unsafe,
unsightly, untidy, or unkempt condition, or any condition noxious to
the senses, including, but not limited to, any condition that emits
any foul, unpleasant, or noxious odors, or any condition that causes
any unreasonable noise or other unreasonable condition that disturbs,
or might disturb, the peace, quiet, safety, comfort, or serenity of
another Occupant of the Subdivision; 6.1.2. Actions or activities
tending to cause unreasonable embarrassment, discomfort, annoyance,
distress, or a disturbance to other Owners, Occupants, guests,
invitees, or any employee, agent, invitee, licensee, or representative
of the Association, particularly if law enforcement must be called to
restore order; 6.1.3. Maintaining any plants, animals, instruments,
equipment, machinery, fixtures, devices, items, or things of any sort
whose activities or existence is in any way illegal, noxious,
dangerous, unsightly, unpleasant, or of a nature as may diminish or
destroy the enjoyment of the Subdivision by other Owners, Occupants,
guests and invitees; 6 6.1.4. Excessive noise within the Subdivision
(beyond normal conversation typical for a residence or residential
community), particularly after 10:00 p.m. and before 7:00 a.m. Any
noise that is coming from outside a Unit especially from the area of a
hot tub, spa, and/or deck during these hours will be presumed to be
beyond normal conversation; 6.1.5. Maintaining or creating any
excessive noise from any device, including, but not limited to,
stereos, televisions, or other electronic devices; 6.1.6. The
origination or creation of tobacco smoke that drifts or passes through
whatever means into any other Unit or into any part of the Property
occupied by other Owners or Occupants in violation of Utah Code Ann.
78B-6-1101; 6.1.7. The failure to regularly remove rubbish, trash,
refuse, pet waste, debris, and garbage from a Lot; 6.1.8. The pursuit
of hobbies or other activities, including, but not limited to, the
assembly and disassembly of motor vehicles and other mechanical
devices, which might tend to cause disorderly, unsightly, or unkempt
conditions; and 6.1.9. Parking on the street during the winter months
or otherwise interfering with the snowplowing or snow removal within
the Project or on the roads within the Project. 6.2. The use of
firearms and incendiary devices, or the painting of graffiti, within
the Subdivision is prohibited, except as otherwise specifically may be
allowed by law or for personal defense. The term “firearms”
includes, but is not limited to, BB guns, pellet guns, paint guns,
sling shots, wrist-rockets, blow-dart guns, rifles, handguns,
automatic weapons, and other similar devices of all types. 6.3. The
use or operation of any drone in the Subdivision is permitted only in
accordance with this section. Before operating any drone or similar
unmanned aerial vehicle, the operator must register such drone with
the Association. Drones may be used for commercial purposes, such as
taking pictures of property to be offered for sale, or to monitor
construction. No drone may be used to invade the privacy of any Owner
or Occupant or cause a disturbance to any Owner or Occupant. 6.4. All
Owners, Occupants, residents, and guests are prohibited from engaging
in any type of harassment against other Owners, Occupants, residents,
guests, or any employee, agent, invitee, licensee, or representative
of the Association. As used in this Section 6.4, harassment includes,
but is not limited to, the following behavior: 6.4.1. Conduct, whether
verbal or physical, intended to intimidate or threaten an individual
or group of individuals due to race, ethnicity, color, religion,
gender, sexual orientation, national origin, familial status, marital
status, or disability; 6.4.2. Communications that are offensive,
abusive, or harmful, including but not limited to, name calling or ad
hominem attacks; 6.4.3. Physical violence or other unwanted or
offensive physical contact, or threatened physical violence or
contact, whether or not the contact causes or was intended to cause
bodily harm or injury; 7 6.4.4. Verbal or physical conduct intended to
annoy, intimidate, threaten, alarm, embarrass, or coerce; and 6.4.5.
Any other conduct that creates a hostile or unsafe environment for
Owners, Occupants, guests, or the Association’s agents, employees,
invitees, licensees, or representatives, or otherwise interferes with
an Owners use and enjoyment of their Lot. 7. PARKING 7.1. No vehicle
may be parked or driven on, or over, any entryways, curbs, lawns, or
landscaped areas. No vehicle may be parked on sidewalks or driveway
approaches or in front of any mailbox, fire hydrant, trash dumpster,
in any fire lane, or in any area marked no parking, tow away, or
automatic tow. No vehicle may be parked in such a way as to impede
access of emergency equipment, garbage trucks, snow removal equipment,
or to impede access to any Unit, sidewalk, driveway approach, or the
Property. 7.2. No more than two (2) Owner or long-term rental occupant
vehicles per Unit may park on the street overnight between the months
of April 16th and October 29th. 7.3. All nightly rental occupants
vehicles must be parked in the garage or driveway of the rental unit
and may not be parked on the road at any time. 7.4. No vehicles may be
parked at the Retreat Master Association Clubhouse overnight or at any
other time unless they are using the facility. 7.5. No street parking
of any kind is allowed between October 30th and April 15th. 7.6. No
recreational vehicles including but not limited to trailers, RVs,
boats, fifth-wheels, or four-wheelers may be parked on any street
within the Subdivision between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
without prior written permission from the Association. 7.7. All
vehicles of any kind parked at the Subdivision must be operable and
properly licensed. No disabled or inoperable vehicle may be stored
within the Subdivision. If a vehicle becomes disabled with the
Subdivision, temporary permission for the storage of the vehicle may
be granted by the Board. 7.8. Notice of any alleged parking
violations, fines, or warnings issued related to any parking
violations may be posted on the vehicle. If appropriate, said notices
shall contain a deadline for remedying the violation. Vehicles parked
in violation of the Declaration, or these Rules, continuously after
the deadline contained in the notice may be towed, impounded, and
stored at the vehicle-owners expense. Vehicles may be towed,
impounded, and stored at the vehicle owners expense without any notice
if a vehicle is parked in any manner that blocks any other Owner or
Occupants ability to move in or out of his/her driveway, parking area,
or in and out of the Subdivision, or in any manner that the Board, in
its sole discretion, determines to be unsafe. The Board and its
members shall be indemnified by, and held harmless by, the owner of
the vehicle from any loss, damage, or claim caused by, or arising out
of, the impounding, towing, or storing of a vehicle pursuant to these
rules. 8 8. NOTICE 8.1. Any notice required or permitted to be given
to an Owner under the provisions of the Governing Documents shall be
in writing and shall be delivered either personally, by mail, or by
email to the address registered with the Association or the address
used by the Owner to communicate with the Association

What to be aware of:

- 6 miles, 13-minute drive to Park City or Deer Valley Jordenelle Base
- Community Pool is only open during the Summer Season

What You'll Love:

- ModernA Like New Townhome
- Private Hottub, Luxury Design
- Fast Wifi, Fully equipped Kitchen
- Clubhouse with Pool, Hot Tub, and Fitness Center

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Majoituspaikka siivotaan desinfiointiaineella
Vuodevaatteet ja pyyhkeet pestään vähintään 60 °C:ssa

Turvaetäisyys muihin ihmisiin

Kaikki majoituspaikan maksut voidaan maksaa käteisettömillä maksutavoilla
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  • Sisäänkirjautuminen alkaa kello 16.00
  • Sisäänkirjautumisen vähimmäisikä on 25 vuotta
  • Uloskirjautuminen kello 10.00

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  • Tarkista COVID-19-rajoitukset

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  • Asiakkaat saavat sisäänkirjautumisohjeet sähköpostitse 5 päivää ennen saapumistaan

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  • Luotto- tai pankkikortti tai käteistalletus vaaditaan satunnaisten kulujen varalta
  • Virallinen kuvallinen henkilöllisyystodistus saatetaan vaatia
  • Sisäänkirjautumisen alaikäraja on 25


  • Lapset voivat majoittua ilmaiseksi vanhempansa tai huoltajansa kanssa samaan huoneeseen käyttäen huoneessa jo olevia sänkyjä.


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  • Poreallas
  • Hierontapalvelu


  • Ilmainen Wi-Fi

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  • Ilmainen pysäköintipaikka paikan päällä
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  • Uuni
  • Astianpesukone
  • Keittoastiat/astiat/ruokailuvälineet
  • Leivänpaahdin
  • Kahvin-/teenkeitin


  • 4 makuuhuonetta
  • Vuodevaatteet saatavilla


  • 3 kylpyhuonetta
  • Kylpyamme tai suihku
  • Pyyhkeet
  • Hiustenkuivaaja


  • Takka
  • Ruokasali


  • Televisio


  • Pyykinpesukone ja kuivausrumpu

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  • Silitysrauta-/lauta
  • Elintarvikemyymälä


  • Golfkentän vieressä


  • Kuntokeskus
  • Moottorikelkkailumahdollisuus lähistöllä
  • Pyöräilymahdollisuus lähistöllä
  • Vaellus-/pyöräilyreittejä lähistöllä


  • Häkävaroitin
  • Palovaroitin

Yleiset tiedot

  • Yksikön koko: 250 m2

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Hygienia ja puhtaus

Majoituspaikka puhdistetaan desinfiointiaineella ja vuodevaatteet ja pyyhkeet pestään vähintään 60 °C:ssa.

Kaikki maksut voidaan maksaa käteisettömillä maksutavoilla.


Paikan päältä löytyvät häkävaroitin ja palovaroitin takaavat asiakkaiden turvallisuuden.

Tämä majoituspaikka hyväksyy pankki-/luottokortit.

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Tämä majoituspaikka vahvistaa, että majoituspaikka puhdistetaan desinfiointiaineella. Huomaathan sen, että kumppanimme ovat toimittaneet nämä tiedot.
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Lemmikkejä ei valitettavasti sallita.
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Kyllä, paikan päällä on tarjolla ilmainen omatoiminen pysäköinti. Paikan päällä pysäköinti on mahdollista autotallissa.
Mitkä ovat majoituspaikan tämä loma-asunto sisään- ja uloskirjautumisajat?
Voit kirjautua sisään kello 16.00 lähtien. Uloskirjautumisaika on kello 10.00.
Mitä tekemistä 906 W. Abigail 4 Bedroom Home by Redawning ja sen lähiympäristö tarjoavat?
Talvella sinulla on mahdollisuus hiihtää ja lumilautailla lähistöllä. Lumien sulettua taas voit pyöräillä ja vaeltaa. 906 W. Abigail 4 Bedroom Home by Redawning tarjoaa asiakkaiden käyttöön myös kuntosalin.
Tarjoaako tämä loma-asunto ravintolapalveluita tai onko sen lähiseudulla ravintoloita?
Kyllä. Läheisiin ravintoloihin kuuluvat Lespri (8,3 km:n päässä), Sammy's Bistro (8,6 km:n päässä) ja El Chubasco (8,6 km:n päässä).
Löytyykö majoituspaikasta 906 W. Abigail 4 Bedroom Home by Redawning keittiö tai keittonurkkaus?
Kyllä, majoituspaikasta löytyy keittiö, johon sisältyvät myös kahvinkeitin, leivänpaahdin ja ruoanlaittovälineet.

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